The tomato picker

Limited edition artist's fabric, 120 x 120 cm Gluppa di Terra

Nicola Alessandrini

Nicola Alessandrini (1977, Italy) is a visionary artist who plays with the dream dimension and metamorphosis. His figures are full of desires, identities and atavistic memories, to the point of creating ironic short circuits that destabilize. He blends folkloric, everyday and scientific elements into his imagination. He creates paintings of enormous dimensions as well as ink, pencil and watercolor. Recently he has exhibited in solo shows in Bologna and Ravenna and in collective exhibitions in Europe. In the Marche for PopUp he created the wallpainting on the Montecarotto-Castelbellino railway station, the pictorial work on the pavement of the skatepark in the S.Orso di Fano district and the painting on the counter of the Raval Tapas & Cocktail Bar in Ancona, still visible today.